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Ditch the Paper Towel Guilt

For a Greener, More Sustainable Option 

Rakōt75 is the original bamboo cloth paper towel. Made of durable Bamboo, Rakōt75 will change the way you clean. 

As one of the best reusable paper towels, you can feel good every time you use, Rinse, Wash and Reuse Rakōt75 sheets for up to six months each.

Reduce your carbon footprint when you Rinse and Reuse.

Soft Bamboo is a Greener Way to Clean

that you can feel good about every day

Rakōt75 sounds like an expensive wine, but...

it’s actually the best, sustainable paper towel alternative helping to reduce unnecessary waste in landfills.

After 30 years, Rakōt75 is still the best reusable cloth paper towel offering the best quality, durability and value with thousands of uses.

Our rolls are bigger, more affordable and better quality for the toughest projects and yet soft enough for babies.


"I use them in my kitchen as kitchen towels, and use them to dust, clean my glasses, as reusable napkins, etc. and when they are soiled I but a little bit of Dawn on them, rinse them out and hang them up to dry, which they also dry quickly." - Karen

So Soft,
So Tough 

  • Made from Bamboo

  • The highest quality, organic, reusable cloth paper towel

  • More durable, eco-friendly and sustainable 

  • Machine-washable

  • Reduce landfill waste: More eco-friendly than traditional paper towels

  • Bigger rolls, larger sheets and better value than other lower quality products

Endless Uses

  • Everyday housecleaning

  • Dusting - leaves no lint behind

  • Clean glass and mirrors - streak less, lint less

  • Clean floors and ovens

  • Thick and absorbent on spills

  • Lightly clean TVs, computer and device screens

  • Keep offices and surfaces cleaner

  • Wash and dry pet crates and cages

Home & Family
  • Guest bathroom hand towels

  • Great on stainless steel appliances

  • Use a wet sheet to keep greens and plant clippings fresh

  • Squares make perfect napkins

  • Lint stick for your dryer 

  • Gentle enough for babies and children

  • Burping cloths

  • Make your own disinfecting wipes

Cars & Boats
  • Clean the garage

  • Clear headlights

  • Clean interior glass

  • Great for car interiors, RVs, boats

  • Polish wheels and hub caps

  • Universal must have for road trips and traveling

  • Quickly clean up spills

Beauty & Skincare
  • Clean paint off walls

  • Dry paint brushes

  • Wipe stain off wood projects

  • Clear dust from work sites and projects

  • Clean work tools 

"This is an excellent product – absorbent, reusable, clean, easy to handle, washable.. I’m thrilled to have them in my home as an alternative to regular paper towels and rags"
- Anne